More room for you in the Cloud

The MTN Virtual Servers saves you the costs and time of shipping and upgrading physical servers. While getting a new server hardware will take you months of planning, MTN Virtual Servers will only take you a day or two to set up and provision. Moreover, imagine freeing up your budget and IT teams from the complexities of managing server infrastructure? How about not having to worry about IT hardware obsolesce or capacity upgrades?

We provide virtual servers that easily scale depending on your requirements. The virtual servers are hosted locally and securely thus no poor end user experiences due to high latencies.

MTN Virtual Servers run on VMware or Microsoft Azure platforms to cater for your platform or system preference.

Why MTN Virtual Servers?

  • Cost effective: You only pay for what you need. No hardware maintenance or replacement costs
  • Faster delivery: No shipping complications and processes involved
  • Easy to upgrade: We do it for you without having to buy a new server
  • Secure environment supported by MTN