Peace is knowing the jamless route to the cloud

The MTN Microsoft Express Route & Amazon Web Services direct connect solution lets you extend your networks into the Microsoft and Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud over a dedicated private connection facilitated by MTN. You get a private MPLS link to Microsoft or Amazon Cloud. What does this mean to you? Your access is faster and secure.

Express Route connections do not go over the public Internet thus this type of connection offers more reliability, faster speeds, lower latencies, and higher security.

Whether your Email, ERP, DBMS or any other business application is hosted on Microsoft or Amazon cloud, you can enjoy secure and high speed connection just like on-premises applications.

Why MTN Ms Express Route & AWS direct connect?

  • Enhanced Security since you get a private link. This is one way of securing your connection to public cloud.
  • Enhanced applications response speed. Your business teams need applications that open promptly. Your customers also dislike the common phrase “systems are slow.”
  • Dedicated route hence better throughput.
  • Dynamic scaling of bandwidth. This helps you maximise the efficiency of your systems.
  • Flexible billing model. We discuss how you want to be billed based on a service level agreement.

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