Built with enterprise in mind

Setting up a data centre is an expensive undertaking that may run into millions. MTN set up a 1 Million Namibian Dollar Data centre with you in mind. When you partner with us to handle and store your data, you save up on making such huge capital investments and instead channel the money to other business growth areas.

The MTN Data centre is a Tier 111 data centre built by an Uptime Institute Certified Engineer. In Kenya, this is the highest level of a Data centre. In order to hit Tier IV, it is a requirement to have an alternative source of power supplying the national grid which is currently not available in Kenya. However, at MTN we fill the gap by using a backup generator, so our power is guaranteed throughout.

At the MTN Data Centre, you can rent rack space for your servers to host your primary production or remote disaster recovery system as per your requirement. This is commonly referred to as colocation.

MTN has continually demonstrated security of its assets through constant monitoring, IP surveillance, Data centre access control, building management systems which are fully monitored and modern camera surveillance.

Why MTN Colocation Services?

  • Achieve optimal performance and higher availability on your server infrastructure
  • Ride on a Secure and remote data centre facility built to world class standards
  • Avoid cost and risk of building and maintaining an on- premise data centre
  • Access to world class infrastructure (high speed and rigorous IP Network at the heart of major local and international network backbones)
  • Setup, migration and user training services done by MTN’s skilled and certified engineers

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