Let’s focus on a busy sales office.  Sales are all about communications on the move.  How easy are your employees able to connect with their co-workers and clients from wherever they are?  How many important calls have the sales team missed because they were out chasing for more business?

Why VoIP phone services are now popular with business owners who want to maximize their operations.

VoIP is not distance or location dependent unlike its forefather (let’s call it PBX, the featureless equipment). In practice, you can make phone calls from your computer, regular phone or cellphone no matter where in the world you need to call. You can reach anywhere that has a workable internet connection.

Customers expect 24- hours live service in this era. Therefore, the flexibility of VoIP means taking the sales team out of the office while connecting to the clients on the move.

VoIP also, offers functions beyond calling and receiving calls.  It can be integrated with other services available over the internet to enable a wide range of functional capabilities like automated call forwarding, follow-me, voice mail, video conferencing and much more.

As the need to grow your sales force increases, VoIP will save you money and simplify the system as it removes the overhead costs associated with traditional voice solutions including network management, maintenance and service upgrades.

Your business will not incur extra costs for:

  • adding new users
  • new features or
  • new phone lines

you only need to increase your bandwidth which is cheaper than adding equipment.

Traditional phone services consist of outdated technology that is very expensive to maintain. In addition,they are not currently sustainable because networking technology itself is becoming obsolete – providers are not investing.  Repairs too are very expensive because parts needed are costly. This is  due to lower demand, manufacturers of the system may not even make the parts anymore. Trained engineers for the traditional systems are increasingly becoming rare and expensive to hire too.

The longer your business continues to reinvest itself in obsolete systems, the more expensive and challenging it becomes to replace them.

Sales industry is likely to become more reliant on VoIP for conferencing, direct selling and online marketing. With all the advancement in technology and increase of bandwidth, no business would think of trying to operate without VoIP services.

 How else has VoIP helped businesses?

  • Lower management & phone costs

This is realized because there exists only one network carrying voice and data provided by only one supplier.  Costs associated with expensive in-house servers and equipment is also eliminated as data is stored off-site using cloud-based technologies. The savings are impressive, by up to 85%. The real benefit is however, in how  it empowers your people.

  • Impressive call reports & statistics

With the help of API-based communication platforms, VoIP empowers businesses to monitor real-time metrics. This makes it easy to sort information into actionable categories, create detailed reports and identify call trends. You can tell if you are paying too much for phone services, what time of day are the majority of the customers calling, from what areas of the country are calls coming from etc.

  • Never miss important calls

Employees are able to connect with co-workers and customers no matter their geographical location. This not only saves time but improves employees and customer satisfaction.

  • Move with your business line, everywhere

Even when you change your office address to another location, you can go with your phone number because it is a virtual number thus business continuity.

These are just but a few benefits offered by VoIP.

Do you simply invest in a new phone system because of its updated features and functionality or because it’s newer than what is being replaced?


You now know that VoIP is the system that saves you money, exceeds your communication needs, doing business is made easier and gives you peace of mind.

MTN offers VoIP services which is a combination of business line 020 prefix and a virtual PABX.  It gives your business the agility, efficiency and collaboration most sort after, whether you are running a small business, medium, large or a multinational.

MTN VoIP is the phone system for your busy sales office as it allows your team to move with your business number or extension to any location on any device – it works with any iOS or Android and any device.  The responsiveness, efficiency and flexibility are some of the key strengths of any business, small or large.

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