Enterprise security professionals are looking for increased security effectiveness, greater compatibility across form factors, consolidation of security areas, a high level of reliable network performance, and simplified security management, ideally within a single pane of glass. Network firewall security must evolve to secure the extended enterprise.

Enterprises need one end-to-end network security solution that protects the entire attack surface from Cloud to IOT and from users to data. The MTN’s Managed Firewall Security   Solution does so by taking a more collaborative approach across the entire network infrastructure to enable security administrators to deploy a broad and dynamic defence strategy for the long term.

How the MTN Managed Enterprise Firewall Solution Works

The MTN Managed Firewall Solution combines with the Fortinet Security Fabric to enable an immediate, responsive and intelligent defence against malware and emerging threats. Combined, they form the backbone of the enterprise network security infrastructure. When the enterprise firewall technology detects an event, it communicates with the Fortinet Security Fabric, which determines what information will be shared across the enterprise.

For example, when malware is detected in one area, the fabric shares threat intelligence with the rest of the enterprise infrastructure. Or, when a policy is created in one section, the fabric contextually applies the policy across the entire domain.

Flexible firewall personalities allow deployments to be tailored to the specific security needs of a particular point in the enterprise with no performance penalties. All firewall devices in the Enterprise Firewall Solution are interconnected via the fabric. This interconnectedness provides the most effective protection while simplifying deployment and reducing the need for multiple touch points and policies across the enterprise.

The MTN Managed Firewall Solution delivers end-to-end network security with one platform, one network security operating system and unified policy management on a single pane of glass—for the industry’s best protection against the most advanced security threats and targeted attacks. Furthermore, MTN has the team of security experts to manage all these around-the-clock for you.

Key components of MTN Managed Firewall

Extensive knowledge of the threat landscape combined with the ability to respond quickly at multiple levels is the foundation for providing effective network security. This is why the FortiGuard Threat Intelligence Service—credited with over 250 zero-day and vulnerability discoveries—is a crucial part of the Enterprise Firewall Solution. The FortiGuard global threat research team works closely with Fortinet product development teams to deliver dynamic security intelligence services. Security updates are instantaneous, automatic and independently validated by third-party research labs, ensuring that the threat intelligence is highly accurate and effective.

This combination of in-house research, information from industry sources and machine learning is why Fortinet scores so high in real-world security effectiveness tests at NSS Labs, Virus Bulletin, AV-Comparatives and others.

Single pane of glass with one network security operating system

Regardless of where you deploy Fortinet Enterprise Firewall devices or on which platform (appliance, virtualized, public cloud or hybrid), visibility and control are provided with one consistent network security operating system. FortiOS consolidates all security and networking services to reduce complexity. FortiOS provides 360º visibility into network traffic. With one click you can see traffic by application, threat, device, country and more.

Intuitive FortiOS provides valuable policy enforcement across the network. Security managers can see network traffic and set consolidated policies that include granular security controls. A single pane of glass gives security managers visibility and control across the extended enterprise for scalable logging, reporting and central management.

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