Technology is growing at a very accelerating speed. Just think about how much things have changed in the past 10 years; wireless internet, smart phones, social media —and then try to imagine how vastly different things will be in 2021, or even 2030.

Today, one minute of internet is composed of;

  • 187 million emails.
  • 4 million YouTube videos.
  • 4 million google searches.
  • 1 million dollars spent online.
  • Identify the stakeholders, classify them based on necessary level of engagement, map them according to their roles in the change, establish a communication and engagement plan.

Businesses are adopting technology to manage most of its operations. Technologies like cloud computing, online and mobile banking, online shopping, BYOD, BYOA, Smart Sensors, IoT, AI, 3D printing, location detection technologies, el cetera are now widely used. With these trends, cyber security is not a business luxury but a basic need in every business today.

Every business priority is growth but it’s equally important to consider reasons that would hinder that growth. Do you have reliable access to your business system from any device and anywhere in the world? How vulnerable is your network to hackers? If your data was compromised, what would be the consequences? In 2018, ransomware for example WannaCry literally brought businesses to their knees. These businesses lost millions of moneys and customer trust.

Everyday hackers improve their skills to perform attacks like DoS, DDoS, Man-in-the-Middle attack, Data manipulation, Data mining with intent to sell the data. Safeguarding user data is an essential part of security, not to mention creating awareness to prevent phishing and malware attacks. Applications and search engines gather data on common sites visited and based on your browsing history, they can profile you. That’s why products you are interested in keep popping up while you browse, or you keep receiving notifications of videos/news you would find interesting. This begs the need to protect users online.

There are various solutions to safeguard data. MTN Business, being one of the leading Enterprise Solution Provider in Africa, has partnered with world recognized Cybersecurity companies to ensure our customers’ businesses are secured. MTN Business offers Fortinet and Cisco Meraki cybersecurity solutions. We allow you to focus on growth as we take care of your ICT needs.

Article by Monica Ndung’u, Service Delivery Engineer at MTN

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