As businesses are slowly but surely moving core business functions to the cloud including voice solutions, the hurdle of IT admins wanting to “see” their physical equipment for assurance has been crossed. The benefits of running solutions on cloud are tremendous and lucky are those who have already discovered this especially as Digital Transformation continues to take shape.  IT Administrators are now comfortable in knowing all is well when core business functions are running on the cloud. The benefits have allowed them to drive the IT department from being just a business facilitator into a business enabler. Those IT departments who have embraced the cloud are now driving their businesses forward by either saving costs or coming up with new revenue streams as opposed to the CAPEX hog they were a few years back.

However, as adoption increases few are embracing the benefits of running their enterprise voice solution to a cloud-based solution. The biggest factors hindering the adoption is the investments made by organizations on the legacy Voice equipment and lack of trust in the capabilities of a cloud-based Voice over IP solution to handle large volumes of traffic and ensure its security.

In response to this, MTN Business Kenya has invested in a modern Hosted PABX solution within our Tier 3 data center and secured it against the ever-existing external threats posed by the Internet. Our inhouse voice and security experts ensure that the environment is secure and working optimally so that you as the customer can focus on your core business.

MTN Voice and Hosted PABX is a combination of business line 020 prefix (business E1 line or just a single line) and a virtual PABX. It leverages on a unique combination of best in class technologies to deliver innovative and quality telephony service to businesses over internet Protocol. This technology helps you avoid having numerous business lines and wires in your office as with just one SIP trunk (E1), you can have several lines on it.

MTN Voice with reduced calling rates

Since it is IP based, your employees can move with their business number or extension to any location on any device e.g. desk phone, smartphone or PC. This way your organization gets more done and reduces your telephone bills compared to the traditional market rate mobile and desktop charges. It also saves you roaming charges as calls are charged as local calls. Since the service comes bundled with a hosted PABX you do not need to worry about budget for buying and maintaining a PABX.

Reduced operating and capital expenses, and improved business continuity and flexibility are just a few of the benefits of moving from traditional phone systems to the internet.

Here are five reasons your company should start running your enterprise voice on cloud and switch to MTN Voice and Hosted PABX:

  1. Cost

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) significantly reduces telecommunication operating and capital expenditure. Moving away from the costly phone infrastructure and industry regulations of traditional phone companies means less capital expense (and monthly fees). VoIP operating costs are also significantly lower than traditional phone companies. Moving to the cloud shifts IT service and IT support to your VoIP provider, which means fewer in-house resources are required to keep communications going.

  1. Value

Switching from a traditional landline to VoIP brings many added benefits, and for little to no cost. By using the internet instead of a phone connection, VoIP virtually eliminates long-distance charges, employee moves, adds, and changes, and the expense of added features such as voicemail, call forwarding, conferencing, video calling and more. VoIP Basically provides a lot more for less.

  1. All-In-One

VoIP ties together all communications. Coworkers and clients can keep in contact with you through a single business number. Little do they know, you could be sending and receiving calls with a workstation microphone or headphones, or even accessing, sending and forwarding voicemail via email. VoIP allows users to make and receive calls on multiple devices simultaneously, no matter where you are.

  1. Mobility

With Voice over Internet Protocol, you don’t need to sit next to the phone to receive a call. You can take calls anywhere, if there’s a broadband connection. This means you can answer calls and get voicemail via e-mail, whether it’s with a cell phone, laptop, tablet, or hybrid.  Another added benefit is that VoIP allows for virtual numbers. With these numbers, choosing an area code (and not being assigned one) enables contacts to call without the hindrance of long-distance charges. VoIP makes working mobile from local and abroad easier and less costly.

  1. Business Continuity

Cloud telecommunications brings disaster recovery and redundancy. By moving phone connections offsite, redundancy and failover ensure essential operations are full throttle. Communications can continue in the unfortunate instance of a power outage, and you’re not reliant on a single provider to get back up and running. Wherever there is internet connection, there will be a phone line. This flexibility and adaptability are crucial for ensuring business continuity and avoiding downtime.

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